St. Nicholas Parish - Munster, IN

Welcome Bishop Milan!

Welcome to Bishop Milan, our new administrator in the Eparchy of Parma!  Father Steve attended the installation liturgy.  on July 21 at the Cathedral in Parma.  Bishop Milan is the third from the left in the picture below.

We wish Bishop Milan many happy and blessed years as our spiritual leader!

Pet Blessing

Come join us on Saturday, September 5th at 11:00 am for our second annual Pet Blessing! All pets welcome. Be sure to bring your treats! Here are some pictures from last year's event!


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Proud Parents

Tina and George Soley together with their sons Jacob and Nicholas following the Divine Liturgy where the boys made their Profession of Faith and served as Altar Servers for the first time.

ECF Students


ECF students Nicholas, Jacob, Andrew and Laney made ECF Coordinator Betty Baranko very proud by doing a beautiful job participating in the Good Friday Procession.


ECF students were part of the Good Friday Procession by carrying the Instruments of Crucifixion of Our Lord.



Blessing of Icons

Father Steve is assisted by ECF Preschooler Andrew in blessing the icons of the Blessed Mother on the First Sunday of Lent.  The icons were purchased by the Altar Society as gifts for the ECF students and teachers.


ECF Preschool


As part of the ECF Preschool Program, the children were taken on a mini Field Trip to the Holy of Hollies behind the Royal Doors.  Father Steve explained the beautiful Altar Bible to the children  and let them venerate it.  He also explained the censor or as Andrew calls it, The Holy Smoke Thing", as well as the Table of Preparation.




Christmas Eve 2014

ECF Instructor Matt Zima working to get the "little ducks" in a row as they prepare to participate in their first Procession.

Adult Education Class

As part of the ongoing Adult Education Program, Church members were taught how to fold palms into crosses.