St. Nicholas Parish - Munster, IN


St. Nicholas Parish was incorporated as a Greek Catholic Church united
with the Holy See of Rome in 1922.  St. Nicholas was served by both
Russian Orthodox and Greek Catholic priests for a number of years.  In the
late 1950s, Father Peter Tay became the first Pastor of St. Nicholas.  St.
Nicholas has also been served by Father John Kasarda, Father Cyril Attak,
Father Frank Korba and currently by Father Steve Koplinka.

We are Eastern Rite Catholics in union with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. 
By virtue of our communion with the Church of Rome, we a Byzantine
Catholic Church who share the same beliefs, faith and Sacraments of all
Catholic People. 

All Catholics who celebrate Divine Liturgy (Mass) with us fulfill their
Holyday and Sunday obligations as they do in their own churches. 
Being Eastern Rite Catholics, we have a different way of expressing our
Faith in regard to Liturgy based on our customs and traditions.